Wednesday, March 3, 2010

At times it seems life is too hard. Raising children too difficult a task. Being a godly wife, mother, friend is not attainable. And, well, the 'watchman on the wall' thing? It's waaaaaay out there -- far beyond reach. I can't, I won't, but I must?! Oh can we ignore things that God brings to our wall, slides under the crack of the heart's door? How can we see so much potential in our children, see them supercede their self-expectations in so many ways, yet fall so far from what God has for them in other ways? How can they see when friends are but for a season and the season has passed? How can we show them this? How do we determine when we speak to them, or when we speak only to the Father? Raising toddlers was so much easier. "Lord, hear our cry."

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